July 25 2018

Our mission is to develop human capital

Our mission is to develop human capital

The Proobraz Fund was established in 2018 under the leadership of Alexander Rudik. The Fund employs a team of strong education experts and professionals who have been dealing with investments in education for several years.

During our work, we have accumulated the best expertise on the market, turningthe Fund into a tool enabling people to apply their experience and knowledge to the maximum possible extent.

The main objective of the Fund is investing in the most promising projects on the EdTech market. Our mission is human capital development.

The Proobraz Fund is both a business project and a social initiative. This is exactly how Alexander Rudik positions it:  “As a rule, it is difficult to separate business and patronage in the education sector. The projects we invest in are first and utmost business. This business is in a fledgling sector involving may unfamiliar things, multiple risks and questionable situations. Investment in education isdefinitely a long-term investment.”

What kind of projects are interesting to the Proobraz Fund? Those that can really change the world around them, but just require financial, professional and technological support, as well as our wide network of contacts in education and HR. “I evaluate a project from the point of view of its matching my own ambitions,” states Alexander Rudik. “First, I take a look at the team, and its desire to  fulfil itself. I look for ‘crazy minds’ and ‘burning eyes’.  Second, I look at the scale – I would not invest time and money in a project that was designed to be at the level of a ‘boutique’ for one hundred people. And, third, I try to assess the social benefits of the project.”

Nowadays in Russia, just like everywhere in the world, the area of education faces a global challenge: technologies are growing hundreds of times faster than any system can change. Especially state-run one. As a result, a significant gap arises between what employers expect from young professionals and what schools and universitiesteach them. The way out of this situation is creating and supporting alternativeeducational projects. This requires so-called impact investments, which, besides the business effect, make our lives better.

The Proobraz Fund supports projects that:
  • help people achieve their life and career goals through education
  • improve the efficiency of companies’ and corporations’ work with human resources and human capital
  • simplify interaction between the creators and consumers of education services (platforms/marketplaces)
  • develop educational communities.

The Fund invests most of its funds in Education, EduTech, and HRTech companies, and sometimes in IT companies from FinTech, AdTech, Medicine, and Community Management. At present, the Fund’s projects include Mel, a major Russian educational media source, Castle Quiz, a platform that helps people prepare for tests, Otus offering professional online  courses for developers, and Russia’s largest network of preparing for the Unified State Exam (EGE) and Main State Exam (OGE) provided byMaximum-Test.