About the Fund

Миссия фонда: развитие человеческого капитала
The bulk of the Fund’s investments are channelled to support projects that:
  • help a person achieve his/her life and career goals through education
  • improve the efficiency of companies and corporations in HR management and
    human resource creation/development
  • facilitate interaction on the educational services market
  • improve the convenience and efficiency of job and employee search
  • help communities in education and career development


We are a team of professionals in education, IT, investment, and project management.
We look for pre-seed, seed, and post-seed projects, and in the Education, EduTech,
and HRTech sectors, and have the potential to become leaders on the local market
and/or enter foreign ones.
We are interested in projects that not only need financial support but also expertise and
engineering support, as well as our extensive network of contacts in the areas of
education and HR.

The Fund’s investments focus on:

– LMS (learning management systems)

– gamification in education

– systems to help set up an individual education and career path

– digital ID, assessing skills and competencies

– personnel recruitment technologies

– marketplaces

– P2P technologies in education

– community creation and management tools.


The economy does not need just employees, but people with soft skills who know how to think. And, while the general education system has already been transforming, basic education is just on the cusp of understanding itself, and a lot of opportunities are opening up for new projects in this area that, I am sure, can bring qualitative changes to the EdTech market. That is exactly why we are interested in it.
Alexander Rudik