Otus – we set the quality standard for IT specialist training.
Otus is an interactive platform that provides the opportunity for training in a meaningful and
effective way.

Companies take advantage of our services to train their personnel and monetise their educational products.

Otus does not teach the fundamentals, but rather offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills that are in high demand on the job market right now, and its educational programmes are adapted to the interests of leading employers, taking into account the requirements of modern IT industry.

The Otus team is a professional community that meticulously keeps track of key events in the IT industry, associated fields, and stays abreast of the current development trends in Edutech (a learning company).   

The Otus platform is focussed on preparing IT specialists up to the Middle level.

The substance of the educational process plays the central role, and specifically:

  • teacher’s experience and personality
  • programme relevancy
  • personal access to webinars and classroom materials  
  • visualisation
  • practical training and graduation project
  • interactive follow-up communication with the teacher (homework check, consultation support, etc.).
  • At present, the main educational topics at Otus courses encompass all IT fields, digital marketing, development management, and recruitment.

Otus opens up new opportunities for self-development, supporting professional and personal growth.  The results are achieving life goals, satisfying personal needs, mastering new skills and technologies, and a chance to be hired by a famous IT company.  To crown it all, there is valuable interaction in the professional community and the possibility to jointly implement interesting projects.


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Otus – we set the quality standard for IT specialist training.
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