July 04 2018

A new adult education facility appears in Russia

According to editor-in-chief Kseniya Kiseleva, the main difference with new media is “in continuously pushing not separate types of knowledge, lectures, and courses, but continuous education as an attractive personal project and way of life.”

She says that Q.E.D. is geared toward adults with an active lifestyle that are looking for effective ways to develop themselves.

“Our goal is to beat the competition over three minutes in the life of a full-grown adult human being thinking about his/her career and knowledge development,” said Nikita Belogolovtsev, the project’s visionary. “This is a story about building a community that is interested in education and careers.”

“We promise motivational stories, promise to be a practical navigator in the world of continuing education, and we promise to help find answers to the questions that people have about themselves, about their education and goals,” he added.

The online publication will help people get their bearings in what is offered on the modern market for continuing education services.

This material was also published in the Goodness section, a joint column with Live, the Russian nationwide social project supporting people in challenging situations.